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Dusty skies -intro
Inhaling, exhaling, inhaling, exhaling, that pure rhythm of survival was echoing throughout the marble hall of the abandoned subway. The sky was collared crimson as he left the underground and returned to the surface. Surrounded by concrete, steel and rubble, the head of the scavenger turned upwards, gassing at the red above. A cloud of dust rushed past, forcing him to wipe the large glass section of the mask that enabled breathing in the hostile environment he was currently residing in. After cleaning the visor the masked man looked up one last time at the dusk sky before continuing the journey thro the grey, mud stained wasteland. The lonely sound of boots crushing glass, stepping on plastic and metal shrapnel filled the empty square. It was except for the occasional gust of wind, the only sound that could be heard.
The little display case he kept in the inner pocket of his coat showed a total of 2% oxygen in the nearby vicinity, a dreaded sight since the oxygen tank was already half
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A Demons Waltz

The huge couple of steel doors were the only thing standing between her and a monster like no other, this wasn't the time for hesitation she knew that. But just the thought of what beast might lurk in the last room made her shiver.
-NO! She screamed, trying to vent all her anxiety into the word.
-The entirety of this world is at stake so I can't let personal feelings get in the way.
In the hopes of renewing her resolve she looked down at her sword, a fine piece to say the least. A long double edged blade with silver engravings that run from the handle all the way to the tip. The silver created an extraordinary contrast to the otherwise pitch black metal the blade consisted of. And even though it was meant to kill, the sword held a strange beauty, a beauty only a weapon could capture. But the beauty was nothing compared to the achievements she had accomplished with it. This sword she held had ended the lives of 71 demons and now she was about to slay the last. The last lord of hell.
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Aha! so you have managed to stumble upon my profile I see... Feel free to read my stuff and give me feedback. If you already did that and want to know more about me then I'm happy to inform you my good sir/madam, that I live in Sweden although I enjoy writing in English a fair bit more then Swedish and my friends often says to me such lovely things as "your are borderline crazy dude" and "You know what, your actually not ugly". Ah such lovely friends I have indeed. I thought that my friends opinion of me would maybe help you figure me out, I hope you have a continued good day/evening. And don't be scared to tell me what you think or just make conversation, I won't bite you since its physically impossible, this is the internet after all.


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